Publisher Monetization

ADAS offers a unique solution for Publishers who are looking to maximize their revenue and reach larger audiences without sacrificing valuable time and effort. Our Publisher Manager program provides a stress-free and highly efficient solution for managing bids, setup, inventory, and more. With our integrated DSP platform, Publishers can reach an expansive audience and earn more with higher cpm rates, all while allowing ADAS Pub Managers to handle the technical side of the business.

By hiring an ADAS Pub Manager, Publishers can focus on creating high-quality content, while our experts handle the complicated and time-consuming tasks of ad management. Our Pub Managers have extensive experience and knowledge in the field, allowing them to make informed decisions that will lead to higher cpm rates and a more successful ad campaign.

With ADAS, Publishers can rest assured that their ads will be optimized for maximum reach and impact. Our Pub Managers use advanced targeting and optimization techniques to ensure that each ad is reaching the right audience and generating the highest return on investment. Additionally, our real-time monitoring system allows Publishers to keep track of the progress of their ad campaign, ensuring that their ad spend is generating the desired results.

In addition to offering a stress-free and highly efficient solution, ADAS Pub Managers also provide unparalleled support to help Publishers grow their business and increase company revenue. Our team is available to answer any questions and provide guidance, ensuring that Publishers feel confident in their ad management strategy and are able to reach their full potential.

In conclusion, hiring an ADAS Pub Manager offers Publishers a wealth of benefits, including increased cpm rates, expanded reach, time and effort savings, and the peace of mind that comes with working with a team of experts. With our advanced technology, extensive experience, and commitment to helping Publishers succeed, ADAS is the ideal partner for Publishers looking to grow their business and increase their revenue.

ADAS Offers (3) Monetizing Options

Look no further than ADAS, your one-stop-shop for monetizing your content through our partnership with MusixFlix TV and MusixFlix Radio Network. With our three monetizing options, you’ll have the power to increase your revenue streams and take control of your monetization potential.

Option #1

Self Served SSP

You have the power to monetize your ad server and increase your revenue streams. Our SSP platform is designed for Ad Server & Video Player owners who are ready to insert ads and want to access a high-quality ad demand. To use our platform, you must have a minimum of 300,000 impressions or unique users per month. Partner with ADAS to benefit from a user-friendly platform that delivers high CPMs and a optimized ad supply.
Highest CPM Rates

Option #2

Content Hosting Partner

"Unleash your content potential with ADAS Self Served SSP Platform. Ideal for small content providers or creators with no ad insertion capabilities. Launch your content on the MusixFlix TV or MusixFlix Radio network with your own dedicated channel or show. With less than 300,000 monthly visitors and no ad insertion, this is the perfect solution. Whether you're providing video or audio content, the submission process is free. For 24/7 live feed, there is a one-time payment of $299. Partner with ADAS to increase your revenue."
Must Pay $99.99 per month
Monthly fee will be used on advertising your content

Option #3

Full Monetization

"Maximize your monetization potential with ADAS and MusixFlix! As a content creator or provider, you now have the opportunity to launch your content on our Affiliate Platform MusixFlix TV and/or MusixFlix Radio Network, giving you access to a wider audience base and increased revenue streams. With our Self Served SSP Platform, even those with low traffic or no ad insertion abilities can easily host their content and start making money. Earn with us today and take control of your monetization options!"
Must Pay $99.99 per month
Under 300,000 Visitors per month