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ADAS DDP Location provides innovative solutions for location owners to maximize their income potential using advertising. Our Digital Display Platform (DDP) allows location owners to place TV displays in their store locations to show advertisements and generate additional revenue. With ADAS, location owners have two monetization options to choose from. They can either have ADAS advance the equipment, or they can purchase the equipment themselves.

ADAS already has the advertisers all the Location Owner has to do is Set-Up the display and ADAS will have the proper connections installed into the TV.

If a location owner chooses to purchase the equipment, they can receive a higher profit share of 25% of the ad revenue compared to locations that choose to have the equipment advanced, who will receive 15% of the ad revenue. With our DDP platform, location owners have the opportunity to effectively monetize their space and reach new customers. Whether you opt for equipment advancement or purchase, ADAS is here to help you make the most out of your advertising efforts. Get started today and see the benefits of the ADAS DDP platform for yourself!”

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