Advertiser Management

The Ad Management division of ADAS is a comprehensive advertiser management program that offers unparalleled benefits to both advertisers and ad agencies. By connecting advertisers with supply partners and agencies, ADAS helps streamline the advertising process and saves advertisers time and effort.

Advertisers who work with ADAS Ad Managers can expect to see an increase in their return on investment (ROI) thanks to the optimized coverage and messaging provided by the Ad Manager. Advertisers have access to real-time platform stats, allowing them to track the progress of their Ad Manager’s campaigns.

With ADAS Ad Managers, advertisers can reach a large audience through multiple ad formats, including CTV, mobile apps, social media accounts, websites, and more. The ad coverage can be tailored to target specific demographics, such as geo-location, audience type, or keywords. Ad Managers also use highly converting ad creatives that almost guarantee conversion, helping advertisers reach their target audience effectively.

By partnering with ADAS, advertisers can focus on what they do best – delivering their services and products – without having to worry about the constantly changing advertising landscape. The Ad Manager takes care of the complicated aspects of advertising, such as creating engaging ad images and launching ad campaigns, freeing up advertisers to focus on their core business.

Ad agencies also benefit from working with ADAS Ad Managers. By utilizing the platform’s advanced tools and technology, ad agencies can provide their clients with high-quality, effective advertising campaigns that are designed to drive conversions and increase revenue. The Ad Manager takes care of the time-consuming aspects of advertising, allowing ad agencies to focus on delivering creative and innovative solutions for their clients.

In conclusion, ADAS Ad Management division is the solution for advertisers and ad agencies looking to increase their revenue, streamline their advertising efforts, and focus on what they do best. With the Ad Manager, advertisers and ad agencies can achieve 2x to 5x more coverage and results than they could on their own, making it the go-to solution for businesses looking to succeed in today’s competitive advertising landscape.

Management Packages